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Throughout Dublin and the world, bird watching is a popular pass-time but for property owners, these winged pests can be a real problem. From loud coo-ing, to unsightly droppings and even swooping birds, there are tons of reasons to nip a bird infestation in the bud. Instead of learning to live with the mess and distraction, call an expert for your bird control services.

Even small birds can lead to big problems. From single visitors to eggs and nests, no species of birds make good houseguests. When dealing with an infestation, it is important to remember that birds are stubborn creatures. As soon as you shoo them away, they are back again, usually in higher numbers. Instead of being picky about their environments, birds are keen to carry on in any environment that they can find a meal. The key to getting rid of these winged pests, is a proper system of removal and bird prevention. When you want a lasting solution, call Clear for your bird removal needs.

Not Your Average Pest: Birds and Their Issues

When managing ground-level pests, there are plenty of options for traps and deterrents but when your pest problem is airborne, it makes proper control methods that much more difficult. It is not enough to scare birds, it is necessary to create an unwelcoming environment for them, so they stay away. Small spaces around balconies can be covered in aluminum foil to deter birds from nesting, but the more complex your property is, or the more space you have, the more room pigeons have to settle in.

Noise: Starting the morning off with a sweet tune from a song bird is great, but incessant cooing can be a real problem for tenants. Throughout Dublin, bird control is an ongoing issue for property managers, largely due to noise. Stubborn pests will often build their nests near human populations, staying present and cooing at any and all hours, keeping people awake and grating on nerves.

Damage and Droppings: Not only are bird droppings unappealing, these remnants are often so acidic that they have been known to cause damage to buildings and vehicles. In the right conditions, acidic droppings become corrosive and are capable of stripping away paint and protective coatings, exposing vulnerable areas underneath.

Clear Pest Control: A Humane Approach to Your Bird Problem

More than anything, it is important to come up with a humane bird control solution that not only treats the infestation that you have but prevents a new one from starting up again. The majority of DIY bird control products on the market are designed to treat small spaces and are often, ineffective for more persistent pests.

After years in the industry, the experts at Clear Pest Control have created a method for treating birds of all shapes and sizes in a humane way. Removing and relocating nests can help to remove incentive for birds, while a variety of deterrents help to prevent birds from landing at all. Bird spiking, for example, can eliminate areas for pigeons and other flying pests, to settle in and get comfortable.

In the same way that spikes can prevent unwelcome landings, bird wire or netting can help to seal off those corners and rafters that often act as great places to build nests. If nets and spikes are not your ideal bird repellent, ask our experts about options for a physical or auditory bird deterrent. Call today to speak to an expert and book your free estimate.

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