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Very few pests are as worrying as cockroaches. These stubborn insects are known to trail homes and businesses, contaminating surfaces and spreading bacteria as they go. Roaches are tough, tenacious and extremely unsanitary, so it is important to act quickly to avoid disaster when dealing with these insects. Professional cockroach control services can help to eliminate dangerous pests, creating a safe and inviting space.

Having a cockroach infesting your home or commercial space is not only unnerving, but it can spread harmful bacteria. It is bad enough to have bacteria in a home but in a food service environment or a commercial space, it can lead to widespread illness, a drop in reputation and even liability issues. Don’t risk a roach infestation when you can call Clear Pest Control instead.

Cockroach Infestations: What You Need to Know

Despite being in Ireland, the most common types of cockroaches found in the region are the Oriental cockroach, the German cockroach and the American cockroach. While they are members of the same species, each of these will have their own unique characteristics. Even with distinct differences, there is one thing that all cockroaches have in common: they are dangerous.

Part of what makes cockroaches such a problematic pest to have is that they are quick, they are sneaky, they grow their numbers quickly and they are known to spread harmful bacteria. Roaches will often inhabit areas that are damp but will come out in search of food. As cockroaches are on the prowl, they are contaminating surfaces and food stores. Ingesting contaminated food items can lead to serious digestive issues, while just coming in contact with surfaces and droppings can lead to respiratory illness, skin irritations and even sepsis.

Unlike some other, larger, pests roaches are able to squeeze into extremely small spaces and are even able to flatten their bodies in order to squeeze behind paintings and even under refrigerators. As soon as the lights are flipped on, these pests scatter, making detection a pain and cockroach extermination extremely difficult.

The diet of the average cockroach is extremely broad, making it nearly impossible to starve these pests out. Roaches can survive on any type of human food, but they can also eat anything organic, from hair to fingernails, as well as egg cases and even other cockroaches. There are a wide variety of applications when dealing with any cockroach problem, but if done improperly they will flourish, resulting in an even greater pest problem. Pest control and pest prevention can feel impossible on your own, but with the help of professionally trained Clear technicians, it is easier than ever.

Expert Pest Control Service: Getting the Best Results

There are plenty of DIY tools and treatments on the market that promise to get rid of cockroaches, but very few of these are effective. Throughout Dublin, cockroach control should be catered to the unique needs of your structures and surrounding areas. There isn’t much point in treating active populations without sealing off entry points or performing a full inspection of crawlspaces, cupboards, closets, attics, basements and beyond.

No matter what types of pest issues are plaguing your home or commercial property, our highly trained service technicians can treat anything from rats, mice, spiders and even eliminate a wasps nest. In order to get the best results for your treatments, call and speak to one of our experts at the first sign of creepy crawlers around your kitchen.

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Clear Pest Control is awesome. We unfortunately had a mouse problem and they were able to solve it for us. We really appreciated having Steve as our main point of contact and felt put first as the client. We later had an issue with ants on a property and they were able to take care of that as well. I felt that Steve's customer service was above and beyond and I would be happy to refer others to this company.
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Steve from Clear Pest was as professional, dedicated and punctual as one could ever imagine being. He arrived on time, educated us, and provided clear explanations of the work that he was going to do against the bedbugs in our apartment. Luckily, we were still in the early infestation stage. But he took the time to clear all our queries and kept reassuring us that once his work was done there was minumal chances of a re-infestation happening again.
Mary Gallagher

5 stars!

Clear Pest showed up the next day and inspected the crevices around the house where mice can enter, blocked some holes and gave me recommendations on how to block off additional entry points. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. If mice come back within 6 months, they will come back and take care of it for free! Highly recommended!
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Clear Pest Control is very professional and thorough!! They were very knowledgeable and clear in their explanations and recommendation on the phone. On arrival, they went over the procedure and answered all remaining questoins. They were extremely efficient and trustworthy and took very good care of my home! Highly recommend - 10/10. They’re great!
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