Covid-19 Disinfecting Services Dublin

In today’s climate, there is nothing more important than safety. Deep cleans can help to create a comfortable space but when you want peace of mind, a specialized cleaning solution is a must.

There is no question that the threat and spread of Covid-19 has taken a toll on businesses all around the globe, and Ireland is no exception.

Basic cleaning services and techniques can be paired with bleach and other cleaners to achieve a visible result, but what about bacteria lurking nearby? With tenants, customers and employees relying on property owners to create a safe living or working environment, a specialized cleaning process is a must.

Sanitizing Services: Problem Areas and What to Look Out For

Centers for disease control have lists of the most commonly contaminated surfaces around office buildings. High-touch surfaces are most often light switches, door handles, sink taps, desks, counters and food prep surfaces. While cleaning and disinfection of these areas is important, bacteria is more far-reaching than just that.

The process of Covid-19 disinfection means treating both directly impacted spaces and items, as well as surrounding areas. When germs are passed both through touch and airborne contact, it becomes important to treat these high-traffic areas with vigilance addressing all of the common touch points and surfaces.

Disease control and prevention requires regular cleaning, both at surface levels and as part of a regular deep-clean. Standard department store cleansers can help to eliminate certain germs but when you are aiming for a hospital grade clean, it requires more than kitchen roll and basic cleaners.

On average, the product label on a disinfectant cleanser is full of complicated wording and nearly unreadable chemical names. These confusing terms can lead to both accidental damage and health risks, when cleansers are used improperly. Opting for cleaners that are approved by the EPA, property owners can rest easy knowing that treatments are both safe and effective.

Choosing Clear Services: Disinfecting Solutions That Work

As the needs of your property change, so do necessary cleaning techniques. In order to keep up with demand, it is important to think outside the box for your property maintenance. Expert disinfecting and sanitizing services can be catered to meet the unique needs of your space. By catering services, it is possible to get the best results possible, every time.

Ultra Low Volume Fogging (ULVF) is one of the most effective ways to sanitize a space. This process involves cold fogging and requires a certain technique and unique safety features for the user. More than just focusing on surfaces, this technique is able to disinfect air and textiles, as well. Areas, such as flooring can be treated with traditional methods, and still be fogged afterward, along with most type of upholstered furniture.

In the wrong hands, any tool can be a danger. From physical injury to unforeseen staining or damage, there is a lot that can go wrong with an amateur approach. Combining the right technique with the right EPA registered disinfectant means great results and after years of experience, Clear technicians know exactly what they are working with.

Classified as an essential service, there is never a bad time to have your property sanitized. Whether you are hoping to prep your property for an event, such as a conference or a wedding, or are hoping to schedule regular cleaning services for classrooms or offices, the technicians at Clear are always happy to lend a hand.


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Clear Pest Control is awesome. We unfortunately had a mouse problem and they were able to solve it for us. We really appreciated having Steve as our main point of contact and felt put first as the client. We later had an issue with ants on a property and they were able to take care of that as well. I felt that Steve's customer service was above and beyond and I would be happy to refer others to this company.
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Steve from Clear Pest was as professional, dedicated and punctual as one could ever imagine being. He arrived on time, educated us, and provided clear explanations of the work that he was going to do against the bedbugs in our apartment. Luckily, we were still in the early infestation stage. But he took the time to clear all our queries and kept reassuring us that once his work was done there was minumal chances of a re-infestation happening again.
Mary Gallagher

5 stars!

Clear Pest showed up the next day and inspected the crevices around the house where mice can enter, blocked some holes and gave me recommendations on how to block off additional entry points. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. If mice come back within 6 months, they will come back and take care of it for free! Highly recommended!
Gavin Redmond


Clear Pest Control is very professional and thorough!! They were very knowledgeable and clear in their explanations and recommendation on the phone. On arrival, they went over the procedure and answered all remaining questoins. They were extremely efficient and trustworthy and took very good care of my home! Highly recommend - 10/10. They’re great!
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