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As a property owner, it is important to create a safe and inviting space for tenants, guests, customers and anyone else who might step through your front door. Rats, mice and other rodents are a part of the natural landscape but this does not mean that you want to share a home or living space with them. Professional mouse control services are able to rid your home or workspace of rodents in a fast and effective way.

No matter the size of your space, no property is immune to mice. Chances are, if you have caught sight of one scurrying rodent, there is a thriving mouse population lurking just out of sight. In order to prevent a full-blown infestation, call Clear Pest Control and their team of licensed technicians to protect your property.

Mouse Removal: What to Know

Unlike some other pests, managing a mouse problem is more complex than laying down a simple trap. Mice enjoy being indoors for the same reasons that we do, it is warm, it is cozy, and there is access to food sources. With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that these uninvited guests are often too stubborn to leave. Laying one trap might help to trap one mouse but it will not do much for the rest of the population.

As mouse populations are allowed to thrive, they pose an even greater threat to both your health and your property. Mice create their nests by shredding soft materials, like insulation and are able to gain access to water by chewing through pipes. These tiny terrors are also known to gnaw on walls, and wooden materials, as well as chewing through food packaging.

A common house mouse might appear small but they can cause large-scale problems. In addition to chewing on food products, mice can contaminate spaces in a variety of other ways. Urine and droppings are unsanitary on their own, but an improper attempt at cleaning can release  serious contaminants into the air. Airborne contaminants can result in respiratory illness, while coming into contact with contaminated food sources can lead to serious digestive issues. Don’t take a risk, call our team of experts to clear your pest problem today.

Dublin Mouse Control: Guaranteed Results, Carried Out Safely with the Environment in Mind 

Solving a mouse problem is not a “one-size-fits-all” issue, but requires a multi-step approach, catered to your unique space. First off, it is important to identify which type of mouse you are dealing with. Some breeds prefer to remain at the ground level while others are more geared toward heights. Deciphering which type of pest you are dealing with will help to create an effective removal plan.

When you are looking for reliable pest control, Dublin residents have tons of options. Not all pest control companies are created equally, so it is important to seek out locally owned and operated with a track record for fantastic service, competitive pricing and great customer care. More than just getting rid of mice, highly-trained  and experienced technicians seek out potential entry points, ensuring that your mouse infestation is not a recurring problem. Any property owner or manager will agree, quick reactive service is a necessity at the first sign of any pest issue. From a single bed bug or a budding wasp nest, things will get out of control quickly. Calling the experts at Clear Pest Control will help to kick critters to curb, creating a clean and welcoming space. Our Clear team members are fully insured and licensed with LANTRA qualifications.

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Clear Pest Control is awesome. We unfortunately had a mouse problem and they were able to solve it for us. We really appreciated having Steve as our main point of contact and felt put first as the client. We later had an issue with ants on a property and they were able to take care of that as well. I felt that Steve's customer service was above and beyond and I would be happy to refer others to this company.
Deirdre O’Hare


Steve from Clear Pest was as professional, dedicated and punctual as one could ever imagine being. He arrived on time, educated us, and provided clear explanations of the work that he was going to do against the bedbugs in our apartment. Luckily, we were still in the early infestation stage. But he took the time to clear all our queries and kept reassuring us that once his work was done there was minumal chances of a re-infestation happening again.
Mary Gallagher

5 stars!

Clear Pest showed up the next day and inspected the crevices around the house where mice can enter, blocked some holes and gave me recommendations on how to block off additional entry points. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. If mice come back within 6 months, they will come back and take care of it for free! Highly recommended!
Gavin Redmond


Clear Pest Control is very professional and thorough!! They were very knowledgeable and clear in their explanations and recommendation on the phone. On arrival, they went over the procedure and answered all remaining questoins. They were extremely efficient and trustworthy and took very good care of my home! Highly recommend - 10/10. They’re great!
Connor Duffy